02 março 2011

Ecos do Sião



After an introduction by H.E. the Ambassador of Portugal, Dr. Jorge Torres-Pereira, Professor António Vasconcelos de Saldanha had presented the book and the author, Miguel Castelo Branco, was ready to answer some questions from the audience regarding what he underlined in his research: “It seems the diplomatic history of Siam in early Bangkok period has been written from front to back. The so called Bowring Treaty was not, after all, so decisive as it was thought, since in 1820 Portugal and Siam have negotiated a treaty in such conditions that allowed Siam to break with the sino-centric system. The Bowring Treaty was imposed by threat and resulted in an unequall treaty. The treaty with the Portuguese was discussed on the base of absolute parity.” (com vídeo das intervenções do Professor António Vasconcelos de Saldanha e MCB).

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