09 fevereiro 2011

Novíssimas de Sião: serviço público

"Claire Keefe-Fox, Miguel Castelo-Branco and MR Chakrarot Chitrabongs will be among the speakers during the 500 Years: Europeans In Siam symposium. Museum highlights Thailand’s long relationship with European. The year 2011 marks the 500th anniversary since the arrival of the first Europeans in Siam. To commemorate this landmark in Thai-European relations, the National Museum Volunteers (NMV) has organised a symposium on 500 Years: Europeans In Siam that will shed light on half a millennium of social, cultural and economic exchange, which began with the arrival of the Portuguese in 1511.
Although, it is virtually impossible to pack 500 years into a single day, through a line-up of distinguished Thai and European scholars the NMV will attempt to touch on the salient aspects of art, history, politics and daily life that ultimately left their mark on modern-day Thailand. Europeans in the Court of Siam — whether adventurers, missionaries or traders — have provided the context and material for this symposium.
Fourteen distinguished speakers will cover a range of topics in short 10-20 minute bytes. Among them are Miguel Castelo-Branco, researcher and author, who will question the so-called Bowring Treaty, asking whether it was in fact as decisive as initially thought, since in 1820 Portugal and Siam negotiated a treaty under conditions that allowed Siam to break with predominant Chinese relations; MR Chakrarot Chitrabongs, the grandson of Prince Naris and Prince Damrong, half-brothers of King Chulalongkorn, will discuss the education of the Thai elite overseas and how it has impacted Thailand’s development; Prof Alain Forest, author of Falcon, L’Imposteur de Siam, will review the fascinating and controversial life of Constantine Phaulkon; Claire Keefe-Fox, director of the Alliance Francaise, will talkabout the first French to venture to Siam in the 17th century; and Caroline Link, chairman of the B Grimm Group, will discuss the company’s history and business endeavours in Thailand during the past 132 years.
Other lecturers include Christopher John Baker, ML Chittawadi Chitrabongs, Ines Ehrlich, Giacomo (Jack) Mauri, Paolo Piazzardi, Bhawan Ruangslip, Bulong Srikanog, Count Gerald vander Straten PonthozandThavatchai Tangsirivanich.
The symposium, conducted in English, will take place at the National Theatre Bangkok on Rachinee Road on Feb 24 from 9am-4:30pm

3 comentários:

Nuno Castelo-Branco disse...

Realmente, uma maçada para os "magas de alpaca"...

João Amorim disse...

Parabéns. Ainda bem que nem tudo na nossa expressão cultural está entregue aos politólos das "relações internacionais" que tudo fazem para denegrir a nossa diáspora.

Gi disse...

Felicidades para a sua apresentação, Miguel.

É melhor nem perguntar se por cá se vai fazer alguma coisa para celebrar os 500 anos, não é?